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A Middle aged couple had just finished meeting with their lawyer to finalize estate, family trust, and personal wills. On the way home, as they were driving quietly in their car, both were reflecting on their lives and the future. The wife turns to her husband and says " Dear, if I die before you, will you get remarried?"

The husband, after some reflection, and with both hands on the steering wheel, responds while looking straight ahead, "Yes, I probably will because I cannot see living the rest of my life alone." The wife then responds in a huffy voice, "Well if you get remarried, will you still live in the same house?"

The husband, after careful thought responded, "Yes I think so. I really like that house and we have done a lot of remodelling to make it just the way we wanted it." The wife, more visibly upset responds, "Well, if you get remarried and live in our house, will you keep the same bedroom set?" The husband, again after careful thought responded, "Yes, I really like that bed. You know how solid it is, and how much we have enjoyed sleeping in it together."

The wife, really upset now, says, "Well if you get remarried, and live in our house, and sleep in our bed, will she use my golf clubs?" The husband, without much thought responds, "Probably not............. She's left handed."

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