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Note: The characters' speech should be spoken in a fake Asian accent. The r's
and l's should be merged into an intermediate sound.
When South Vietnam was nearing its end, and General
Minh was in charge,  a popular artist came to him and asked to make a
statue in his honor (at  government expense).
"Please, General Minh, you are the people's
hero," he told him.
"Yes, but make the sculpture in bronze,"
replied the general.
So the artist made the sculpture, but when it was
unveiled in a small  private ceremony, the general was furious.  For
the sculpture was made in  gold.
"I want bronze," he said, "I want
The artist went away in a hurry, deeply impressed with
this show of  humility.  But he still wanted to honor the general, so
he made the next  sculpture in silver.
But again the general was furious.
"I want bronze," he said, "I want
This time the artist made the sculpture out of bronze
as asked.  When  the sculpture was revealed to the general, he was
overjoyed at the wonderful  bronze likeness.  The artist then
complimented the general on his deep  humility. This notion confused him
very much.
"But why did you want sculpture made of bronze?"
"Why?  I'll tell you why," said the
"Because General Minh prefers bronze!"

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