Desert Storm Is Not Another Vietnam

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10) Viet Nam was a jungle war; Desert Storm is a desert war. (as noted by
V.P. Quayle)
9) The U.S. is not the world's most profligate waster of rice.
8) We are not killing Vietnamese women and children in Desert Storm.
7) The White House wasn't smart enough to come up with a catchy name for the
Viet Nam war.
7') Viet Nam was a conflict--Desert Storm is an operation.
6) Some Americans actually believed that we were defending a democratic
government in Viet Nam.
5) The time difference from the U.S. to the middle east is better suited to
prime time live coverage of the festivities.
4) Nobody ever compared Ho Chi Minh to Adolf Hitler.
3) We hadn't been supplying weapons and intelligence to the North Vietnamese
until weeks before the war began.
2) The networks didn't have slick computer graphics with dramatic theme music
for the Viet Nam war.
and the number one reason why Operation Desert Storm is not like Viet Nam:
1) Since Viet Nam came first, we could claim that we didn't know any better.

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