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Mr. Singh and Mr. Singh, two friends not noted for their depth of
intellectual aptitude, were applying for a visa to visit their relatives in the
town of London Transport, England. The first Mr. Singh was interviewed by the
officer in charge.
"Well, Mr. Singh, all we need to know is whether you have the mental
resources to survive your trip to London", he said, demonstrating his
cultural understanding of the applicant. "Let's see, now - if I poke you
with this pencil in your left eye, what will happen? 
"I'll be blinded in my left eye, sir". 
"Very good, Mr. Singh. Now, if I poke you with the pencil in your right
eye, what will happen?" 
"I'll be blinded in my right eye, sir, and I won't be able to see
anything at all." 
"Well, Mr. Singh, you've passed with flying colors. Enjoy your
Mr. Singh then rejoined Mr. Singh in the waiting room, and described his
experience. "It was being very easy, Mr. Singh. That very nice officer
Sahib ask you two questions, and you are answering only "I'll be blinded in
my left, eye, sir", and then "I'll be blinded in my right eye, sir,
and I won't be able to see anything at all", and then you are getting the
visa straight away." 
So the second, and slightly more comprehension-impaired Mr. Singh, went into
the interview room. The officer took the same approach: "What would happen
if I took these scissors and cut off your left ear?" 
"I'll be blinded in my left, eye, sir". 
"Hmmm. What would happen if I cut off your your right ear?"
"I'll be blinded in my right eye, sir, and I won't be able to see
anything at all." 
The officer was a little perplexed by these answers. "Now Mr. Singh, I
find your answers very difficult to understand. How could it be that cutting off
your ears would have anything to do with your eyesight?" 
"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear - I should be explaining myself. If
you cut off my left ear, my turban will fall down on the left side and cover my
left eye and I'll be blinded in one eye. And then if you cut off my right ear,
my turban will also be falling down on the right side and I'll be blinded in my
right eye and I won't be able to be seeing anything at all!"
Mr. Singh got his visa.

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