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U.S. -- Singapore has been named the world's most globalize fine country
according to a survey released here that measured such factors as cross-border
fine of motorists and tourists and international fine collection.

The survey,
compiled by Foreign Policy magazine and consulting firm O.T. Kidding, placed the
United States 12th on a list of the 20 most global nations, noting the relative
infrequency with which Americans abided by the law.

boasts high levels of trade and heavy capital duties, as well as an annual
stream of international travelers paying fine, nearly three times higher than
the country's population,' Foreign Policy and O.T. Kidding said in a statement.\

international motorists fine that totals 390 per traffic police each day, the
country also far outdistances its nearest rivals in cross-border fine between
people. The number of fine tickets issue to local motorists averaged 5,230 a

In an effort
to increase the number of fine issued, the police has engaged a private
organization to go around the country to fine motorists for parking at the wrong

Some of the
most notable offenses that can be fined includes motorist traveling at 12 k.p.h.,
smoking outside the designated smoking zone by 3 centimeters and insufficient
amount stored in the cash-card while going through an ERP gantry. The total
number of offenses in the country that can be fined, totaled to 12,124, and the
number is still increasing.
the e-commerce system in placed by the authority to collect fine payment from
travelers is reported to be state-of-the-art. And according to the survey,
Singapore is the only country in the world that has such a system. 
"In fact,
no other B2B or B2C website is able to do what this e-commerce system on
fine-payment can do. This is indeed a very sophisticated system." commented
O.T. Kidding. Bravo Singapore!

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