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One day, Ah Choy & Ah Seng were walking down the Chinatown when they saw
something in their path. 
"Wait!" cried Ah Choy. 
"Wat is lat ho?" 
"Yah ho! Be carefool lo," warned Ah Seng. 
"Wat is it?" They approached the thing and looked at it very
closely. "Eee.. look like shit lah!" say Ah Choy.
"Hmmm..smell like shit also!" say Ah Seng after taking a deep
Ah Choy then poked the thing with his one finger, raised the finger to his
lips, tasted it and said, "Tastes like shit!" 
Ah Seng pushed his finger right through the thing and stick out his tongue to
lick. With confident, he said, "Confirm is shit!" 
Then they smiled at each other, "Wah! lucky we didn't step on it."

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