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Some things you should be seeing in news reports...

In the Straits Times, it is reported that 'Overseas traffic experts give
the ERP thumbs-up'. They left out the 2nd portion, 'Local drivers give the ERP
the fingers'.
That there is a new Bond movie to be film in Malaysia, about an insane
Prime Minister who is trying to bring down the region's economy. It will be
entitled 'Tomorrow Sure Die'.
30,000 copies of SM Lee's book were sold out in one day. This is amazing.
Overheard are some conversations of those in the queue ... @ 'Excuse me, this
queue for what hah?' 'You don't know line up for what?' 'So many people line up,
sure got free gift right?!' @ 'So this Memoirs of SM Lee Kuan Yew, who wrote one
hah?' @ 'So this book is about Singapore's past in the 50's and 60's? Got color
photos not?' @ 'This queue for 4D, is it?' @ 'Got discount not?'
Some of our neighbors are upset with the memoirs, saying that the book was
insensitive to their country and countrymen. If SM Lee is to write 'The
Singapore Cookbook: My Favorite Recipes'. You should see this in the New Straits
Times the next day: 'We wish to express our disappointment with the insensitive
mention of the Sour Grapes in Sambal Chilli recipe found in The Singapore
Anwar is now also blamed for Malaysia's economic crisis. Next week, he will
also be blamed for El Nino, Mad Cow Disease and the giant rats at the new KL
airport. Anyone with bad things to blame someone, please forward email to
Despite being arrested, Anwar could still take a swipe at his arch-enemy, Dr.
M (sounds like some bad guy in old Bond movies), by releasing a videotape to the
media after his arrest, where he says some more bad stuff about his former boss.
Rumor has it that Dr Mahathir may release a videotape containing confessions
from Anwar's former lovers: male, female and some sheep -- in order to hit back.
However, the rumors could not be confirmed because the Internet sources were
We should have a slogan for this New Age of Technology, to raise awareness
of E-Commerce. Someone suggested :- 'Cyber shop Till You Cyber-drop!';
Or,'E-Commerce: The Power to Shop without Your Clothes On!'; Or, 'Put on your
Virtual Reality Glasses: Buy Your 4D in 3D'.
On E-Commerce again, maybe you can even use those goggles and go
cyber-movie-watching too. No need to queue for tickets. For the total movie
experience, you can even have virtual cinema patrons sitting in front of you,
blocking your view. And if the virtual Ah Beng behind you talks too loud or eats
his virtual Keropok or his virtual hand phone goes off, you can around and shoot
his virtual ass off with your virtual gun. Best use of technology ever.
That even loan sharks are supporting Government's E-Commerce campaign,
using technology to run their business. Last time they used little note books to
keep their accounts, now they use laptops and digital diaries to keep track of
you. I am told, instead of putting a pig's head on your doorstep and spraying
your Name and IC Number on your walls, what they do now is send you threatening
emails, cc your boss and colleagues, hack your homepage, advertise on classified
ads worldwide and email you a picture of a pig's head.
S$97.5 million plan is underway to 'revitalize' Chinatown, All the hawkers
will be driven out and air-conditioned food courts selling overpriced,
bad-tasting food will be built.
Malaysia's Tourism minister may suggest using the Anwar riots as a tourist
draw, since tourists do not have chance to see something like this every day.
There will be 3 performances every day. One in the morning at KL court, one in
the afternoon at PJ court and the last one comes with a deluxe 10-course dinner.


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