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TOCK SENG, SINGAPORE -- The National Pimples Center, NPC, is planning to stage
the largest charity show sometime next year to raise funds for the treatment of
severe acnes.
have decided to stage such a charity show to raise fund for our acnes patients
following the success of the other charity shows", said Ms Agnes Pim,
public relation manager of NPC. She was referring to the NKF Local and Foreign
Celebrities Charity Shows, President Star Charity Show and the recent SNHA
Charity Show.
believe this Charity Show of ours will be the best, and will received the
largest amount of donation ever. We have restructured our organization to link
our executives annual bonuses to the amount of donation received. We believe
that this compensation program will enable us to achieve our target of S$1
billion in donation monies.", said Ms Agnes Pim. She also indicated that it
should not be too difficult to raise such a huge amount given the
soft-heartedness of most Singaporean and the marketing capabilities of NPC.
NPC has planned to invite Michael Jackson, The Spice Girls, David Copperfield,
Sir Elton John, President Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, the late Elvis Presley
and John Lennon to appear on the show. However, non of these celebrities have
confirmed their participation yet. "I think the main attraction of the show
will be the re-enactment of the intimate moments in the White House by President
Clinton and Ms Lewinsky, if both of them accept our invitation" added Ms
addition, the NPC also plan to include a 5% stake in Microsoft Corporation and
3,000 stock options from Johnson & Johnson Corporation in the lucky draw
prizes on top of the usual cash, cars and condominiums.
has definitely raised the stake in Charity Show. It is really interesting to see
how will the other charitable organizations react. We may see a charity war
soon.", said Dr. BC Tan, a social scientist at NUS.
year an average of 300,000 Singaporeans suffer from low morale and confidence
because of acnes problem. Of which 30% are severe and require special treatment.
Such treatment can cost up to $100,000 depending on the case. As a result, many
patients, especially the teenagers, are deprived of the treatment. The NPC thus
is urging the public to start saving now and donate generously during the show
next year.

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