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There is an American named Michael Fay
He loves to take our public signs away
Sometimes graffiti on our cars he spray
Until by the police he was caught one fine day
The Chief Justice to Michael he says
" A small fine you shall have to pay "
" Four months in Queenstown Remand you'll stay "
" With six strokes of rotan coming your way "
This decision Clinton try to sway
For vandalism is a game their local boys play
We should find other means to keep crime at bay
Because caning is not an American way
Tried all means Fay's father and mother may
And even the American press got into fray
Desperate, the plea for clemency went President Ong's way
Authorized to pardon, hopefully he may
Finally, in order that Clinton's face shall not go away
Two strokes less of caning to Michael's dismay
George Fay, his father still shout " Nay! nay! nay! "
Once Fay out of prison, back to US they will forever go away
We ain't racist
We ain't sadist
We don't have a caning fetish
We just want some justice!

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