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Since 1-April-97, competition has been very keen in Singapore's cellular
phone market due to the new entrant M1. Before that, there was only one
operator, that's why no one covers more of Singapore than Singtel Mobile,
absolutely no one.
AMPS was the first system that Singtel launched, an Ageing Mobile Phone
System. After that they realized that the system is outdated and they put up
another system ETACS which the subscribers were not very happy about because it
was Extremely Tough to Access Call System. Then came the 2nd generation cellular
technologies, which Singtel was working with Ericsson to implement - GSM. After
some time, Singtel found that things are Getting Slightly Messy, so they decided
it was time to go into 3rd generation technology, PCN. However it is a very Poor
Coverage Network and every time subscriber wants to make a call, they Phui Chao
Nua because they can't get thru.
So Singtel decides to rename PCN to the GSM1800 Network, or Get Some More
Idiotic Bums Onto Our Network.
M1 initially also use GSM and they learned from Singtel's experience that GSM
is not so good either, so M1 goes for CDMA, after several delays in the official
launching, M1 knows that this so-called advanced system Can't Do Much Anyway.

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