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What is Korean Dracula's favorite morning beverage?

Koh-peee! (coffee)

What does the Korean bread say when it hit the wall?


Why is Korean toilet paper so big?

Because it's HUGE-ey!

What did the mommy Korean turkey say to her baby turkey?

Gobble ji mah!

What do you call the brown burnt rice at the bottom of the rice cooker?

bob ee brown! (Bobby Brown)

So there was this really really cute/pretty Korean girl  Tragically,
one day, she lost one of her ears in an accident.  As she was looking
out at the ocean on a bright morning along the beach, a man caught sight of
her and was awed by her stunning beauty.  He could not see that she had
only one ear, as her long hair ran luxuriously down the sides of her head. 
Boldly, he approached the young woman wanting to start some kind of
conversation, anything, just to talk to her, so he said, "ah,
kee uhb dah!


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