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Che Boram decides to take a trip to Texas to visit his favorite cousin one
day. As he sits down in the plane, he says, "Wow, the seats are really big
here." The person next to him turns to him and says, "In Texas, they
say everything is big."
When Boram finally arrives in Texas, he's a little tired, so he decides to go
visit a bar to loosen up. It turns out that he went into a country club instead.
He says, "Wow! The bars are very big here." Someone turns to him and
says, "Yes; in Texas, everything is big."
He orders a shot of alcohol at the bar, and when the bartender hands it to
him, he says, "Wow, the shotglass is really big!" A person next to him
turns to him and says, "Yes; in Texas, everything is big."
After drinking his alcohol and many more shots, Boram realizes that he has to
relieve himself. So he turns to the bartender and asks him where the bathroom
is. The bartender replies, "The second hallway, second door." Boram
thanks the bartender, and stumbles on his way. He's had a few drinks, so he
misses a turn, and then walks into the third door instead. It's a swimming pool,
and Boram trips and falls in.
As he's struggling to stay afloat, he cried out in panic: "Don't flush!
Don't flush!"

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