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An avid skier decided that he would ski all the major mountains in the world.
He spent a decade at this, climbing and then skiing the world's major peaks.
Finally he decided he must ski Mt. Fiji, in Japan. He bade farewell to his
wife and set off for the Land of the Rising Sun.
The fateful day came, the weather was right, and the skier climbed to the top
of Fiji and then skied down.
So thrilled was he with his achievement that he decided to send his wife a
postcard of Mt. Fiji, describing his feat. While in the shop buying the
postcard, he decided, on a whim, to buy a postcard picturing a young, scantily
clad geisha to send to his old college roommate.
Unfortunately, he wrote the wrong messages on the cards, and sent them to the
wrong recipients.
On the back of the card showing Mt. Fiji, which he mistakenly sent to his old
roommate, he wrote: "Having fun in Japan!"
And on the back of the card showing the scantily clad geisha, which he
mistakenly sent to his wife, he wrote, "Here's a picture of the slope I
went down on Thursday!"

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