Marge: [hearing Radio] Mmm...this Sounds Awfully Controversial.

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Marge: [hearing radio] Mmm...this sounds awfully controversial.
Lisa, you _know_ I don't like controversy in this house.
Lisa: I don't like him either, Mom, but I'm doing a report on local
politics for my school project.
Bart: You think you're so big because your class always gets to do
projects. [condescending] Well, um, I'm doing a school
project on, er, fireworks. [displays a bundle]
Marge: Mmm...Bart, I wish you wouldn't lie like that. [takes bundle,
douses it in sink, throws it away]
[at school]
Skinner: And now, as a special sendoff and a way to say "Gong Hei Fatt
Choy" to our visiting Chinese principals, Bart Simpson has
promised us a fireworks display. [motions to Bart]
[Bart looks at Edna and groans as she gives him "F"]
Princ. 1: All week, he promise big firework display.
Princ. 2: Bad student.
Princ. 1: Uh-uh...bad principal.
-- "Sideshow Bob Roberts"