Announcer: KBBL Talk Radio. And Now Springfield's Favorite Conservative And Author Of The Well-selling Book, "Only Turkeys Have Left Wings.

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Announcer: KBBL talk radio. And now Springfield's favorite conservative
and author of the well-selling book, "Only Turkeys Have Left
Wings." Ladies and gentlemen, Birch Barlow.
Carl: Ecch! That Barlow's a right-wing crackpot. He said Ted
Kennedy lacked integrity! Can you believe that?
Lenny: Yeah, switch the station. I consider myself politically
correct, and his views makes me [shivers] uncomfortable.
Homer: Nonononono, guys...I'm not very political -- I usually think
people who vote are a bit "fruity" [Lenny and Carl walk off]
-- but for some reason this Birch Barlow really speaks to me.
[chomps, chews]
[scene shift to inside KBBL; Birch chows on donuts too]
Barlow: Good morning, fellow freedom-likers. Birch Barlow, the
fourth branch of government, the fifty-first state...
-- Less-than-subtle parodies, "Sideshow Bob Roberts"