Bart: Dad? Homer: Aw, I Kicked One Of Those Stupid Itchy Characters In The Butt.

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Bart: Dad?
Homer: Aw, I kicked one of those stupid Itchy characters in the
Bart: Yeah. There's just no way to resist it, is there.
[inside a gift shop]
Marge: I want all five t-shirts to say "Best Vacation Ever".
Announcer: Attention, Marge Simpson: your son has been arrested.
Woman: I'd be terrible embarrassed if _I_ were that boy's mother.
Marge: [groans]
Announcer: Attention, Marge Simpson: we've also arrested your older,
balder, fatter son.
Marge: Mmm...
-- Son, husband, what's the difference?,
"Itchy and Scratchy Land"