Marge: Now Wait A Minute, I'm Not Sure About This.

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Marge: Now wait a minute, I'm not sure about this. Every time we've
ever gone on vacation I end up being horribly embarrassed. We
end up in a big fight and we come home more miserable than when
we left. You have to promise me that this isn't going to happen
this time.
Homer: Embarrassed? What are you talking about?
Marge: Well, there was our trip to the Amish country...
Homer: Oh, yeah...
[flashback to Homer sticking ice cream cones on a man's head]
Homer: Heh heh heh, hey look, Marge! They're still not fighting back.
[shoves another ice cream cone on man's cheek]
Hee hee! I can be a jerk and no one can stop me! [laughs]
[a mule kicks him hard]
Marge: Even worse was our trip to Sandy Beach...
[flashback to people in ocean being frightened off by a shark
Homer: [coming out of the water wearing a mask and a strap-on fin]
[laughs] Suckers.
Bart: [swimming up beside Homer, also with mask and fin] [laughs]
Homer: Aah! Sharkboy! [runs off in a panic]
-- The dreaded Homo Sharkus, "Itchy and Scratchy Land"