Lisa: Dad, Remember How You Said Going To Itchy And Scratchy Land Would Be Too Damned Expensive?

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Lisa: Dad, remember how you said going to Itchy and Scratchy Land
would be too damned expensive?
Homer: Oh, everything's too damned expensive these days. Look at
this bible I just got -- fifteen bucks! And talk about a
preachy book...everybody's a sinner! [points to a verse]
Except for this guy.
Bart: But now Itchy and Scratchy Land is cutting ticket prices in
half! Can we go, Dad? Can we, can we, can we? Take it,
Lisa: Can we?
Homer: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Ask your mother.
Bart+Lisa: Yay! [run off]
-- Homer's new religious bent, "Itchy and Scratchy Land"