Bart: Hey, Lis! Guess Who's Got A Genuine Itchy And Scratchy Animation Cel?

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Bart: Hey, Lis! Guess who's got a genuine Itchy and Scratchy animation
Lisa: Oh! That is so cool! That is so exciting! That is so --
[Bart pulls it out]
-- crappy. It looks like part of Scratchy's arm.
Bart: Oh, no. I used Dad's credit card to buy this!
Lisa: Yeesh. How much was it?
Bart: $350.
Lisa: Ooh...
[a ghostly Nelson at Bart's shoulder saying "Ha ha!"]
[at the Kwik-E-Mart, Nelson writhes on the floor]
Apu: Oh my God. This boy is having an out-of-body experience. This is
very...bad for business.
-- The proper response, "Lady Bouvier's Lover"