Bart And Homer Run Into Each Other] Bart: Pardon Me, Sir.

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[Bart and Homer run into each other]
Bart: Pardon me, sir. Forgive my clumsiness.
Homer: Not at all.
Bart: [chuckles, holding Homer's wallet]
Homer: [chuckles, holding Bart's slingshot]
Bart: [on phone] Uh, yes. My name is Homer Simpson, and I'd like to
order an Itchy and Scratchy credit card? Uh, do you
accept a Federal Breast Inspector's card? License to Ogle?
Vysa?...Oh, yes, of course. That's what I meant, _Visa_. It's
these new dentures.
-- Dentures paid for on Vysa, no doubt,
"Lady Bouvier's Lover"