Bart: Earthbase? This Is Commander Bart McCool. We Are Under Attack By The Zornid Brain Changers!

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Bart: Earthbase? This is commander Bart McCool. We are under
attack by the Zornid Brain Changers! Quickly, into the safety
dome, Milbot!
Milhouse: [monotonic] Affirmative, humanoid.
[the two climb up to Bart's treehouse]
Together: [seeing Homer] Ew!
Homer: Don't mind me, boys, just scrubbing my undies.
Milhouse: Sorry, Bart. Your dad kind of blew the fantasy. I only like
it when I'm pretend-scared.
Homer: Keep up the roughhousing, son! Without a strong male presence
in the house, you could turn sissy overnight! Oh, these
stubborn grass stains.
-- Kind of like that, huh?,
"Secrets of a Successful Marriage"