Bart: I'm Outta Here! Lisa: Me Too. [they Both Leave] Home

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Bart: I'm outta here!
Lisa: Me too. [they both leave]
Homer: Well, now that the little ones have toddled off to bed --
Marge: [slowly] I want this to end _now_!
Moe: Hey Homer, why don't you just nibble her elbow? That always
melts her butter, right? [mocking laughter]
Marge: [gasps] All right, OK. Everybody out!
Apu: Ooh, she's gotta have it!
Marge: Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out out out out --
[rushes everyone to the door]
Homer: All right, we're breaking early tonight, class. For tomorrow,
you should read pages seven through eighteen in Lisa's diary.
Marge: You too.
Homer: Huh?
Marge: Get out!
Homer: But I'm not in the class --
[Marge tosses Homer out and slams the door]
Otto: Is any of this going to be on the test? 'Cause I wasn't paying
-- "Secrets of a Successful Marriage"