Marge: Homer, I Really Don't Like You Telling Personal Secrets In Your Class.

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Marge: Homer, I really don't like you telling personal secrets in your
Homer: Marge, I didn't tell 'em personal stuff.
Marge: Today at the Kwik-E-Mart everybody knew I dyed my hair!
Homer: Oh, you mean about you. All right, maybe I said some things,
some personal things. But you should have seen them, Marge: they
really wanted to hear what I had to say --
Marge: Mmm, I'm happy about that. But I think you can be a good teacher
and still respect our privacy.
Homer: Look, Marge, you don't know what it's like. _I'm_ the one out
there every day putting his ass on the line. And I'm not out of
order! _You're_ out of order. The whole freaking _system_ is
out of order. You want the truth? You want the truth?! You
can't handle the truth! 'Cause when you reach over and put your
hand into a pile of goo that was your best friend's face, you'll
know what to do! Forget it, Marge, it's Chinatown.
Marge: Homer, don't _ever_ tell them personal stuff about me again!
Homer: [meek] Yes ma'am.
-- High reference density,
"Secrets of a Successful Marriage"