Marge: I'm Disappointed In You. But It Turns Out I Had A Wonderful Time With Ruth Powers.

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Marge: I'm disappointed in you. But it turns out I had a wonderful time
with Ruth Powers. In fact, we're going out again tomorrow night.
Homer: Marge, that's twice. I think you're spending entirely too much
time with this woman.
Marge: Homer, please. You know it's hard for me to make friends.
{[Flashback to Marge and three women drinking coffee in the
living room]}
Woman: {Heh heh. Oh, Marge, we should do this every Thursday.
[Homer walks in wearing a "No Fat Chicks" T-shirt and Hawaiian
Homer: {Marge, I got sprayed by this skunk. Oh, look! It's doing it
-- Respect thy wife, "Marge on the Lam"