Skinner Walks In, Sees Homer] Skinner: What's _he_ Doing Here?

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[Skinner walks in, sees Homer]
Skinner: What's _he_ doing here?
Bart: Well once he found out we were going to get Ned Flanders
fired, he _insisted_ on helping.
Homer: That is true.
Bart: Here's the plan: once Chalmers comes for his next inspection
and sees how crappy the school has gotten, he'll fire Ned on
the spot.
Skinner: Er, one question remains: how do I get out of the army?
Bart: No problemo. Just make a pass at your commanding officer!
Skinner: Done and done. And I mean done.
Marge: [outside] What's going on in there?
Everyone: Nothing...
-- No, really, "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"