Skinner: Let's See: Tide...Cheer...Bold...Biz...Fab.

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Skinner: Let's see: Tide...Cheer...Bold...Biz...Fab...All...Gain...Wisk.
I believe today I will try...Bold.
[Bart skateboards by] Bart! How are you? How's school?
Bart:'s a lot of fun. [pause] Well, it was good to see you
Skinner: It was? Well then we should get together again. Say, er,
Saturday at my house. You know where I live?
Bart: Er, no...
[flashback to Bart knocking on a door and running]
Skinner: [answers door, looks down] Hmm. A flaming bag, eh? Well,
these new Italian loafers will make short work of it. [stomps
on it]
[back to the present]
Bart: Er, I'm kind of busy on Saturday.
[Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney run by. Jimbo darts in]
Skinner: Hey!
Jimbo: [taunts] We got Skinner's underpants! And there's nothing you
can do about it, Mr. Ex-Principal.
Skinner: That's not true. I can buy a new pair! [checks his wallet] No
I can't. I needed those, I really did.
-- Unemployed, unemployable,
"Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"