Skinner: [on The Phone] I Know Weinstein's Parents Were Upset, Uh, Superintendent, But, But -- But I Was _sure_ It Was A Phony Excuse.

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Skinner: [on the phone] I know Weinstein's parents were upset, uh,
superintendent, but, but -- but I was _sure_ it was a phony
excuse. I mean, it sounds so made up: "yom kip pur". [laughs
Willy: [bursting in] Sir, you've got to come quick! There's a dog
running around in the air ducts.
Skinner: I understand. [over PA] Children, this is Principal Skinner.
Remain calm. There is a dog in the vents.
[In Bart's class, everyone cheers and gallavants]
-- That's not what he asked you to do,
"Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song"