Bart: Lisa, Will You Keep It Down? I'm Making A Crank Phone Call To Principal Skinner.

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Bart: Lisa, will you keep it down? I'm making a crank phone call to
Principal Skinner.
Skinner: [on phone] Well, as a matter of fact, my refrigerator _wasn't_
running. You've spared me quite a bit of spoilage: thank you,
anonymous young man.
Bart: D'oh!
Lisa: It's my room, and I can do what I want.
Bart: Oh yeah? Well I can do what I want in _my_ room.
[walks off into his room, starts kicking wall]
Lisa: Bart, quit it!
Bart: [reading "Bad Boy's Life"] I can keep this up _all day_.
-- A man of his word, "Lisa's Rival"