Homer: Son, I Know You're Upset Because You Thought You Saw Us On TV Saying We Didn't Want You In Our Family.

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Homer: Son, I know you're upset because you thought you saw us on TV
saying we didn't want you in our family. But those were just
actors playing us!
Bart: How do you know?
Homer: Because one of them hung out with me for a week trying to get my
character down.
Lisa: Yeah, me too. That midget taught me a lot about his native
Marge: The point is, the real Simpson family missed you a lot and we're
really glad you're home. [kisses him]
Bart: I love you guys.
Homer: Right back at you, son.
[they all hug]
And now I want you to meet your new brother: Hans Moleman.
[Hans walks in dressed like Bart, holding a skateboard]
Hans: Cowabunga, dudes.
[Homer kisses him repeatedly]
Homer: Try it. It's like kissing a peanut! Heh heh heh.
-- An enigmatic simile, "Burns' Heir"