Bart Flicks A Pea At Lisa] Lisa: Hey! Mom! Bart's Throwing Peas.

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[Bart flicks a pea at Lisa]
Lisa: Hey! Mom! Bart's throwing peas.
Marge: Bart, don't throw peas at your sister.
Bart: Mr. Burns throws peas at Smithers. [flicks another]
Lisa: Ow! That was a big one!
Marge: Homer, say something.
Homer: OK. Lisa, quit getting in the way of your wealthy brother's
Bart: Oh, yuck: meatloaf. My most hated of all loafs. [feeds his
piece to SLH]
Homer: [gasps] That was the end piece! That's it -- being abusive to
your family is one thing, but I will not stand idly by and watch
you feed a hungry dog. Go to your room!
Bart: No! This family stinks! Mr. Burns nurtures my destructive side
-- I'm suffocating here!
Homer: {Bart, you listen --}
Bart: {Oh, go eat some flowers! [tosses some at Homer]}
Homer: {Aah! My secret shame.}
-- "Burns' Heir"