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Bart: The Flanders are a bunch of geeks, man.
Homer: The Flandereses are not geeks! -- OK, Rod and Todd are, and the
wife has a thing for me, but she hides it behind a mask of low-
key hostility -- but we've gotta give this thing a chance! I
want the two families to take a trip together this weekend.
Bart: No way, Jose!
Homer: Yes way!
Lisa: Don't worry, Bart. It seems like every week something odd
happens to the Simpsons. My advice is to ride it out, make the
occasional smart-alec quip, and by next week we'll be back to
where we started from, ready for another wacky adventure.
Bart: Ay, caramba!
Lisa: That's the spirit.
-- Meta-humor galore, "Homer Loves Flanders"