Homer: Hey! Somebody Sign An Autograph? Please? Somebody.

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Homer: Hey! Somebody sign an autograph? Please? Somebody...sign an
autograph? Hey, would you sign a...You fat, stupid jerks!
[the players turn around]
It was him! [points at Flanders]
Stan: Ned? Is that -- Ned Flanders?
Ned: Heidely-ho, Stanster.
Homer: You know Stan Taylor?
Stan: Know me? Ned Flanders saved me. I used to party all night and
sleep with lingerie models until Ned and his bible group showed
me that I could have more.
Homer: Professional athletes, always wantin' more.
Stan: Ned, they gave me the game ball, but I want you to have it.
Homer: [gasps]
Ned: Tell you what -- Homer Simpson here's just about the biggest Atom
fan that's ever graced God's green earth. I bet he'd enjoy it
even more than me!
Stan: Sure, anything for Neddy. Here you go!
Homer: Wow. Now I have four children. [to ball] You will be called
-- A rough name to start life with,
"Homer Loves Flanders"