Homer Rings Ned's Doorbell] Marge: [calling From Window] Homer?

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[Homer rings Ned's doorbell]
Marge: [calling from window] Homer?
Homer: Huh?
Marge: Are you planning to hit Ned Flanders with that pipe and take his
Homer: Ye -- no...
Ned: [answers door] Huh? [Homer winds up]
Homer: Oh. [winds down] Flanders, I decided I'd like to go to the game
with you.
Ned: Well, get out the Crayloas and color me "Tickled Pink". Ooh,
what's with the lead pipe, were you going to give my noggin a
Homer: [sheepish] Well, yeah.
[both chuckle]
-- Ned, the good sport, "Homer Loves Flanders"