Krusty: [entertaining The Family By Riding A Unicycle While Balancing A Plant On His Nose] Ba

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Krusty: [entertaining the family by riding a unicycle while balancing
a plant on his nose]
Bart: Krusty, you don't have to be `on' tonight.
Homer: What are you talking about! Of course he does!
Lisa: No Dad, Krusty is our guest. Your pratfalls and Punchinello
antics aren't necessary here.
Krusty: Really?
Bart: Yeah, just relax and be yourself.
Krusty: Oh, that's a relief. [gets down from unicycle, removes plant
from nose (revealing that it was attached via suction cup), and
releasing a chimp on roller skates] Go wait in the car. [the
chimp skates away]
Homer: Aw, we could have seen the monkey!
-- To complement the baboon, "Like Father, Like Clown"