Krusty: [dials 1-900-SEX-CHAT] Voice: You've Reached The Party Line!

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Krusty: [dials 1-900-SEX-CHAT]
Voice: You've reached the Party Line! In a moment, you'll be connected
to a hot party, with some of the world's most beautiful women!
Now, let's join the party! [five-way split screen, showing five
Krusty: Hello?
Man 1: Hello?
Man 2: Hello?
Apu: Are there any women here?
Krusty: Hello!?
Apu: Are you a beautiful woman?
Krusty: [angrily] Do I sound like a beautiful woman?
Apu: This is not as hot a party as I anticipated.
-- "Like Father, Like Clown"