Lisa: [over The Strains Of The Battle Hymn Of The Republic] [sees The Lincoln Memorial In The Reflecting Pool] Honest Abe, He'll Show Me The Way.

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Lisa: [over the strains of the Battle Hymn of the Republic]
[sees the Lincoln Memorial in the reflecting pool]
Honest Abe, he'll show me the way.
[goes to the memorial]
Mr. Lincoln?
Man: Mr. Lincoln, I need your advice. What can I do to make this a
better country?
Woman: Is this a good time to buy a house?
Woman: I can't get my boy to brush proper.
Man: Would I look good with a mustache?
Old man: [takes of his hat, revealing his bald pate]
So I tried some turpentine but that just made it worse.
Lisa: [trying to make herself heard over the din]
Mr. Lincoln? My name is Lisa Simpson, and I have a problem.
-- "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington"