Homer: [lying On The Couch] Oh, Maaarge, I'm Still Hurt!

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Homer: [lying on the couch] Oh, Maaarge, I'm still hurt!
\\ [rings a handbell] Maaarge! Maaaaaarge!
Marge: [finally arrives] Oh, Homer. How many times do I have to fluff
your pillow?
Homer: Actually, I was wondering if you could make me a grilled-cheese
Marge: [reluctantly] Well, okay.
Homer: Make sure it's squished flat, and crunchy on the outside.
Marge: I know how you like 'em, Homer.
Homer: Oh, and can I have some of those wieners that come in a can?
Oh, and some fruit cocktail, in heavy syrup.
Marge: Mmmmm...
-- Milking an injury, "The Crepes of Wrath"