Lisa Knocks] Smithers: [answers] Yes? I -- Why, It's Homer Simpson's Daughter.

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[Lisa knocks]
Smithers: [answers] Yes? I -- why, it's Homer Simpson's daughter.
Lisa: I thought you might be able to help me get in touch with the
inventor of Malibu Stacy.
Smither: Whew! Heh, that would be quite a feat. Stacy Lavelle is a
total recluse! She hasn't appeared in public in twenty years.
Here, I'm writing an article on her for my next Malibu Stacy
newsletter. It contains her last known whereabouts. Here,
I'll print you out a copy.
Lisa: Thanks!
[Smithers turns his computer on. A bitmapped Mr. Burns
Burns: [with inconsistent pitch] Hello, Smithers. You're quite good
at turning me on.
Smithers: probably should ignore that.
-- Thank God for scanners and samplers,
"Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy"