Bart: You Sniveling Toad! You Little Egg-sucker! Lisa

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Bart: You sniveling toad! You little egg-sucker!
Lisa: [holding secure her box of cupcakes] Tell me more!
Bart; Back-scratcher! Boot-licker! Honor student!
Lisa: [smirking] You'll never get one now, name-caller.
Bart: All right, all right. Look, I'm sorry. I, I got upset.
In the heat of the moment, I said some things I didn't mean.
Lisa: [milking it] You weren't thinking, were you.
Bart: No.
Lisa: I'm <not> a sniveling toad, am I?
Bart: Not really.
Lisa: I'm <not> a little egg-sucker, am I?
Bart: Of course not.
Lisa: Then what am I?
Bart: A beautiful human being.
Lisa: [coyly] What do you like best about me?
Bart: [staring at the cupcakes] Well, I'd have to say...
Your generous nature, your spirit of giving.
Lisa: Well... [thinks] Open your mouth and close your eyes, and you
will get a big surprise.
Bart: [does so]
Lisa: [gets up. The bus stops, and a cupcake falls out of the box.
Lisa picks it up and shoves it into Bart's mouth, then leaves]
Bart: [munching] Thanks, Lis. You're the best!
-- "Bart the General"