Monroe: It's A Special Isolation Chamber. The Subject Pulls Levers To Receive Food And Water.

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Monroe: It's a special isolation chamber. The subject pulls levers to
receive food and water. The floor can become electrified, and
showers of icy water randomly fall on the subject. I call it...
The Monroe Box!
Grampa: Uh huh. Sounds interesting. How much will it cost to build?
Monroe: Oh, that's the beauty part! It's already built! I need the
money to buy a baby to raise in the box until the age of thirty

Grampa: What are you trying to prove?
Monroe: Well, my theory is that the subject will be socially maladjusted
and will harbor a deep resentment towards me.
Grampa: Mm. Interesting.
-- Everybody wants to get their hands on... "Old Money"