Ethan: Action! Chespirito: [With A Lobster On His Tail] Ay, Ay, Ay!

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Ethan: Action!
Chespirito: [With a lobster on his tail] Ay, ay, ay! No me gusta!
[stops] I'm sorry, I'm really not comfortable with this,
Ethan: What's the matter, love?
Chespirito: It's just -- it's, it's the same old tired gags, isn't it?
I mean, let's give the audience some credit.
Ethan: How about a giant mousetrap?
Chespirito: I love it!
[someone gets a giant mousetrap]
Ethan: Action!
Chespirito: Ay, ay, ay! No me gusta! Ay, es grande!
-- Ah, much better, "Bart Gets Famous"