Martin: [takes A Seat At The Front Of The Bus] Ba

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Martin: [takes a seat at the front of the bus]
Bart: No!
Martin: No?
Bart: Only geeks sit in the front seat. From now on, you sit in the
back row. And that's <not> just on the bus, it goes for school
and church, too.
Martin: Why?
Bart [mezzo voce] So no one can see what you're doing!
Martin: Ooooh.. I think I understand... [grabs pencil, starts writing]
the potential for mischief varies inversely with one's proximity
to the authority figure! [Shows his equation to Bart: M
\propto 1/P]
Bart: Well, yeah, but don't say it like that...
-- Bart helps Martin shed his poindexter image,
"Bart Gets an F"