Tony, You're My Agent. You _have_ To Do Something About This.

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Tony, you're my agent. You _have_ to do something about this. ...How
can it be the same movie if they've changed my character from a
convenience store clerk to a jittery eskimo firefighter? ...Uh huh...uh hmm...well, actually, that's a pretty good explanation. {Now
this is gross, right, this'll be _gross_ points in this new...? OK.
Yeah, 'cause there's monkey -- yeah, OK, great.}
OK, good: book me a flight, rent me an igloo, and tell those dorks at
the Kwik-E-Mart that boom! I am outta here, I'm a dot, I'm gone, OK?
...What do you mean, I gotta give two weeks' notice? Why you frickin',
no good, motha [beep] [beep] cheese! ...No, not you, I'm just talking
to my oven.
-- James Woods' frustrations, "Homer and Apu"