Lisa: I Think She Likes My Present Better. \< Ba

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Lisa: I think she likes my present better.
Bart: Does not!
Lisa: |Does too!
Bart: | |Does not!
Lisa: | | |Does too!
Bart: | | | |Does not!
Lisa: Then how come she's not putting on any of your perfume?
Bart: [worried] Yeah... Hey Mom, how come you're not putting on any
of my perfume?
Marge: [diplomatically] Well I'm saving it... for a special occasion.
Bart: What the hell are you talking about? There's gallons of it!
Homer: [barks] Bart!
Marge: [eyes darting] But this occasion is already so special,
if we make it any <more> special, we might end up making it
<less> special.
Bart: Gotcha! [to Lisa] I told you she liked mine better.
Lisa: Oh, brother.
-- "Jacques to be Wild"