Homer: Hey Princess! It's Me! The Guy From The Snap Shot!

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Homer: Hey Princess! It's me! The guy from the snap shot!
Kashmir: [not very enthusiastically] Oh, hi.
Homer: Look, I'm here because I want to apologize for treating you
like an object.
Kashmir: Uh-huh.
Homer: I also want my boy to find out that you're more than just a
belly. I want to meet the woman behind all the spangles and
glitter, and find out that she has thought and feelings too.
Kashmir: Uh, oh, okay, but can we make it quick?
Bart: Nice to meet you ma'am. [waves]
Homer: Could you tell him a little about yourself?
Kashmir: Well, um, my real name is Shauna Tifton, my pet peeve is rude
people, and my turn-ons include silk sheets and a warm
-- "Homer's Night Out"