Homer: [yelling To Be Heard] You Really Did It This Time, Bart!

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Homer: [yelling to be heard] You really did it this time, Bart!
You're in for the punishment of a lifetime!
Lisa: When do you expect the ringing will stop?
Wiggum: In about ten to fifteen seconds.
Marge: I certainly hope [the ringing stops] so. [realizes she's
still yelling] Ooh! [puts her hand to her mouth]
That's better.
[Maggie removes to pacifiers she had been using as earplugs]
Now about your punishment, young man.
Bart: [gets up] I know, I'll go to my room to think about what I
Homer: Oh, no, your room is full of toys. You're going to the, uh,
Bart: [leaves] You're the boss.
Marge: I tell you, Chief, I just don't know what we're going to do
with him.
Wiggum: You know, you do have options.
[Bart rides by the living room window on a lawn mower]
For example, there are behavior-modifying drugs. How wedded
are you to the Bart you know?
Homer: Not very.
Marge: No-o-o! No drugs! Bart just needs a little discipline.
Wiggum: Uh, hey, what about military school? It set my brother
straight. Now he owns and operates a famous cave.
Marge: You know, maybe Chief Wiggum is right. Military school is a
good idea.
[The family looks out the front window. Bart rides by in the
opposite direction, followed by police cars with their lights
-- "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson"