Marge: Inflation, Trade Deficits, Horrible War Atrocities .

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Marge: Inflation, trade deficits, horrible war atrocities ... how
are we supposed to do our big musical number with so many
problems in the world?
Homer: Well, I know one thing in this world that's still pure and
Marge: Christian love?
Homer: No. Candy! [climbs on table] Sweet, sweet, candy!
[the orchestra strikes up the "I Want Candy" tune]
Homer: [singing] I want candy!
Marge: But don't you want to end world famine?
Bart: [hops out of the booth] I want candy!
Marge: Or save the endangered Alaskan salmon?
"Lisa": I want candy!
Marge: Well if you won't think of society's ills ...
H + B + L: [singing] I want candy!
Marge: At least, think of our dentist bills.
[happy dentists show up, bearing bills]
-- They probably want candy, too,
"The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"