Wiggum: If It Isn't My Old Friends From Springfield, The Simpsons!

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Wiggum: If it isn't my old friends from Springfield, the Simpsons!
What brings you folks to New Orleans?
Bart: Mardi Gras, man. When the Big Easy calls, you gotta accept
the charges.
Lisa: Chief Wiggum, I can't wait to hear about all the exciting,
sexy adventures you're sure to have against this colorful
Wiggum: Well golly, I'd love to chat but my son's been kidnapped.
You haven't seen him, have you. Caucasian male, between
the ages of six and ten, thinning hair.
Homer: Over there. [points to the crowd, where Big Daddy and
Ralph are]
Ralph: Look, Big Daddy, it's regular daddy.
Big Daddy: The Chief! Ooh, I suppose I'd best to run. [fans himself
with his hat] Lord have mercy, how I wish I weren't so
-- The Simpsons make a guest appearance,
"The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase"