Grimes: Can You Believe That Guy? He's In His Office Making A Pathetic Attempt To Look Professional.

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Grimes: Can you believe that guy? He's in his office making a
pathetic attempt to look professional.
Carl: Hey, what do you got against Homer, anyway?
Grimes: Are you kidding? Does this whole plant have some disease
where you can't see that he's an idiot? Look here. [points
out a chart tacked to the bulletin board] Accidents have
doubled every year since he became safety inspector, and, and
meltdowns have tripled. Has he been fired? No. Has he been
disciplined? No, no.
Lenny: Eh, everybody makes mistakes. That's why they put erasers on
Carl: Yeah, Homer's okay. Give him a break.
Grimes: No! Homer is not okay. And I want everyone in this plant to
realize it. I would die a happy man if I could prove to you
that Homer Simpson has the intelligence of a six-year-old.
Lenny: [to Carl] So, how are you doing?
[annoyed, Grimes leaves]
-- Be careful what you wish for, "Homer's Enemy"