Grimes: Oh, That's My Degree In Nuclear Physics. I'm Sure You All Have One.

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Grimes: Oh, that's my degree in nuclear physics. I'm sure you all
have one.
Lenny: Oh yeah, Carl and I each have a masters'. [chuckles] Of
course, old Homer, he didn't need a degree. He just showed
up the day they opened the plant.
Homer: I didn't even know what a nuclear panner plant was.
Grimes: Um, [forced laugh] yeah. Well, listen, I'm sure, you all
have a lot of work to do.
Lenny +
Carl: [shrug] Eh. [the two leave]
[Grimes turns around, and is startled to see that Homer is
still there]
Homer: Hey, you seem like a great guy, so I'll give you a little
tip. If you turn that security camera around, you can sleep
and no one will ever know.
Grimes: eh, I don't think we're being paid to sleep.
Homer: Oh yeah, they're always trying to screw ya. [leaves]
Grimes: [shudders in amazement]
-- The secret of my success, "Homer's Enemy"